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Terms of Service - Boutique Baker

The information contained on this website is monitored closely for accuracy, however, Boutique Baker makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy of such information except as provided herein.  Prices may be subject to change from time to time.  Measurements, sizes, weights and colours are approximate.

An order is only deemed an order when the "order request form" is filled out with the "order" selected or when agreed by both parties. An "order request form" with "quote" selected is not a confirmed order. As well payment arrangements or a retainer must be received to save the date.

Weddings and other large events require a retainer at the time of booking. This is used to hold the date and as such other events may be foregone. Therefore, all retainers are non-refundable.

Deposits for loaned pans, trays and/or other equipment require that all pieces be returned in the state they were loaned. Missing pieces, untimely returns or ANY damage may forfeit deposit.

Forms of payment include: Cash, Credit Card, eTransfer or Debit. We do not accept cheques unless it is a corporate order.

Allergies and dietary restrictions - We try our best to accommodate dietary restrictions however nuts and other allergens are present in our kitchen. As such, no warranties or guarantees are given or expressed toward product safety in this regard.

A delivery and/or set-up fee may be added to an order depending on location and work needed.

If you are not satisfied with our product quality or service or are concerned in any other way please contact us. We would be glad to help resolve your issue:
The Boutique Baker
107-89 Main Street
Cambridge ON